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Urgent Denture Repair

           No Prescription Needed

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Let Us Fix Your Broken or Chipped Teeth

Here at Urgent Denture Repair in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, we can exchange the broken or chipped teeth on your denture. We can also supply a new tooth for $69, or you can mail in usable tooth for $39. Contact us today!

Denture teeth are the most fragile part of the denture. Whether you’re missing one tooth or more, have chipped cracked teeth or a broken tooth, we guarantee repair of the tooth, replacement of teeth, and addition of new denture teeth to most dentures and partials.

Denture teeth repairs include:

  • Broken Denture Tooth Repair
  • Chipped Denture Teeth Replacement
  • New Tooth Addition to Denture
  • Cracked Denture Teeth Repair

Denture Reline

What Is Denture Reline

After a new denture has been inserted, it ought to retain in the mouth nicely since the shape of the inside of the denture base conforms closely to the shape of the gums. Please note that excellent retention (suction) of the denture does not necessarily mean that the same denture is stable.

Unfortunately, the longer you wear the denture, the more your gums change underneath it and the looser it gets. To restore the retentive qualities of the denture, and to prevent the production of flabby gum tissue under it, you should have the denture professionally relined at least every 2 years.

Types of Denture Relines

Hard Denture Reline

This is the kind of reline that should be done on all full dentures every 2 years. The dentist removes some of the plastic from the inside of the denture, and then fills the denture with a soft material (think of soft putty) which, when replaced in the mouth, conforms to the contours of the tissues, and then hardens to a rubbery consistency.

When the denture is removed, it contains an accurate impression of the shape of the gums. The denture is sent to the lab, and the impression material is replaced with pink, hard acrylic in precisely the same form as the original impression material. When returned, the denture conforms to the contours of your mouth and should make maximum contact with the tissues producing maximum suction.

In our office, the impression is scheduled first thing in the morning. The patient goes home without the denture but returns later the same day (usually early afternoon) for the insertion or fitting appointment.

Soft Denture Reline

Occasionally, patients find that they cannot wear the denture because their gums are too tender, and they keep getting sore spots. In cases where the patient is unable to wear ordinary dentures because of tender gums, the denture can be relined with a material that remains somewhat pliable for a year or 2 before it needs replacement.

The consistency of this material can range from waxy to hard rubber and is generally less likely to give the patient sore spots than ordinary pink acrylic.

Unfortunately, by the time that a patient resorts to a soft reline material to make the denture wearable, it usually means that factors other than simple sore spots are partly to blame for the difficulties that the patient is experiencing while wearing
the dentures.

These could include an over-built denture or a resorbed ridge which is so unstable that the patient must keep constant force on the teeth to keep them in place. Both of these conditions can be corrected, sometimes with less expensive simple surgery or sometimes with much more costly implant-retained dentures.

Temporary Denture Reline (Therapeutic Relines)

Frequently, by the time a patient with an old denture finally shows up at the dentist's office looking for a new denture, the dentures have not been serviced for such a long time that the gums are in terrible condition. They may be red, swollen, and quite misshapen.

Using the old denture, or building a new one using impressions taken while the gums are in such poor condition, would lead to a denture that would perpetuate the problem.

When faced with situations like this, a dentist will frequently resort to a temporary or palliative (medicated) reline material to allow the inflammation to subside. This reline makes the denture fit much more tightly, and is usually soft and pliable.

It will not last more than a few months, but the patient wears it for a few weeks until the gums return to a more normal state. Once this happens, the patient is ready for their new denture or hard reline.

Methods of Denture Reline

Chair-Side Denture Reline 

Done by a dentist, it is the most common and can be done with either soft or hard reline material. It is usually done for temporary purposes while gums are healing after extractions and will only last a month or so until a permanent reline or a replacement denture is made.

Dental Lab Denture Reline 

This is a reline that a dentist will take an impression of a patients upper or lower gum tissue inside an existing denture and send them to a dental lab to have a permanent denture relining material placed in the denture. If done with a hard material, the material will last the life of a denture, or a permanent soft line that can last for as long as 1-2 years.

At-Home Denture Reline 

There are home reline kits available for those patients who cannot get to a dentist or prefer to try a “do it yourself” reline. A certain amount of skill is required and may require several attempts before a successful reline is achieved. These relines in most cases are a soft material that are only designed for temporary use (1-2 months), but can be sent to a dental lab for permanent relining with either soft or conventional hard denture acrylic.

You can also buy a denture reline kit from us for $35, and we'll mail it to you. Call us to order now!

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